How does it work?

Total31 is a company that creates opportunities, by developing means which enable individuals to set up their own businesses without having to invest large amounts of money, or any at all.

When you register, we create a personalized page for you. Promote this page and you will earn money from each sale made through it.


  • Long distance PINLESS services
  • International cell phone top-up, gas payments, money transfers for supermarket purchases, payments for medications in pharmacies, cable service payments and transport cards for some countries
  • Prepaid cell phone payments in the USA

How much do I earn per sale?

You determine the amount you earn, as follows:

  • If you want to earn 5% to 20 % commission on all sales, register for a free webpage
  • If you want to earn 15% commission, you need have 3 other use register from you account
  • If you want to earn 35% commission, you need have 3 other use register from you account

For example: I am Marco and I have 5 member and all my member have 3 to 5 . My cousin Yesenia registered have 25. Total31 pays me 2.5% commission on my cousin’s sales , as this is a business and I earn commission for each sale. I have 900 friends on Facebook and I promote my page Around 100 friends buy minutes and other services on my page each day, meaning that I make daily sales worth over $700.00. Total31 pay me $210.00 each day for the purchases made by my friends. A Total31 of $6300.00 per month. My business operates 24 hours a day. How do I receive my payments?

Sales automatically occur in the Dashboard of your customer page, where you can see a record of all your sales and commissions.

How and when I receive payments:

On your customer page you’ll find the option “MY FINANCES,” where you can manage all of your transactions in the same way as with your bank account.

  • Transfer your money directly into your bank account
  • Ask to be sent a check (option only available to members in the United States)
  • Ask to be sent an international top-up card
  • Transfer your money to a PayPal account
  • Or you can use it to make payments for some of the services that the company offers

Is Total31 a pyramid scheme?

No; Total31 is a company that pays you for each sale made and don’t need make any membership payment , not for having a chain of friends. Total31 gives you your own business, using an advanced network that ensures your effort and work are rewarded with real earnings and that you can instantly decide what to do with your money. Note: Commissions for products or services not provided by Total31 will vary according to the supplier’s payment. Fixed commissions are based on products of long-distance services.

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